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Art Show For Yutes in Hunting Park

Welding class started with a bit a scream when the torch was lit 9 weeks ago. Excitement and fright led our student through the first few weeks of class. And while we were quick to chop every scrap in sight, the paced slowed in attempting to create something out of our mess.

The creative process is still unclear to me, but the students let their minds wonder as they held handle bars, rims and chain rings in different positions until resembling the image in their head. Thankfully we had Isis from Bilenky Cycle Works who is an artist to guide the students while I “supervised” the chop saw.CA

Each class the vision took more shape. Cutting and breaking gave way to welding and mending. And lastly to painting. jacob

This journey of creation will be celebrated this Friday @ the OKA Youth Art Showart

Thanks to the Clemens Family Corporation for their generous support. Thanks to OKA and Common Grace for their integral support as well.

Hope to see you at the show.

Daniel Helms

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